, Bruch‘-

Mediums – Tirana Contemporary Theatre Festival,
16 July 202416 July 2024
Prishtina International Theater Festival,
25 May 202425 May 2024
Teatri Kombëtar Eksperimental, Tirana,
22–24 May, 29 May–2 June 202422–24 May, 29 May–2 June 2024



With Rexhina Ibro, Matia Llupa, Paolo Kadillari, Ina Kollçaku. Contributions by KUNTHUG, Lorenza Longhi, Valentin Masé, Klaudja Piroli.


The star actor Alexander Moissi is made to leave Germany and arrives in Albania, where nobody knows him. Running out of money, he is forced to re-invent himself artistically and socially. Rumour has it that, after a few detours, he opened a nightclub with a couple of new friends and put on a very successful show…

Alexander Moissi (1879–1935), one of the highest paid internationally touring actors of the 1920s, was posthumously re-invented as an Artist i Popullit in the Socialist Republic of Albania, while disappearing into obscurity elsewhere. Of Italian and Albanian descent, with a cosmopolitan career and orientation, Moissi’s hybrid, cross-border biography and historical reception subverts any simplistic cultural, political or ethnic ascriptions. In the present context of increasingly drastic practices of forced translocation and rampantly aggressive nationalisms, , Bruch‘- speculatively imagines Moissi’s ‘remigration’ to Albania from Germany after years abroad in western Europe. Together with director Klaudja Piroli, we stage a farcical entertainment which, through the figure of the celebrity, unravels the patchy mythical fabrics of identity.


Supported by the Körber Studio Young Directors Award 2022.