, Bruch‘-

X-Erinnerungen, Tangente St. Pölten,
28–30 June 202428–30 June 2024



With Joscha Baltha, Ina Kollçaku, Nick Romeo Reimann. Contribution by Milena Büsch.


Intimate Strangers imagines the encounter between performer and spectator as a contractual relation characterised by anonymity and the implicit agreement to dissimulation. A hotel room becomes a resort of virtualities – enacted cultural memories, embodied or suspended fantasies, assumed roles or narratives – facilitated by the work of the hosting performer, yet dependent on the desire of the consuming guest. By exploring the therapeutic and liberating potentials of professionalised intimacy among strangers within a semi-private environment, ,Bruch‘- evokes a model of application for performative labour secluded from the representational hegemonies of public theatre.


Curated by Matthias Lillienthal, Friederike Kötter, Helena Eckert.