, Bruch‘-

NAC VDA / International Thomas Mann Festival,
19, 20 July 202419, 20 July 2024
Residency at NAC VDA,
August–September 2023August–September 2023



With New Kyd et al.


Coast of Pleasures explores processes of fiction-making and political uses of humour by adapting a largely forgotten poem by Denis Diderot, written after travelling through Lithuania en route to the Russian empress Catherine II in 1773. The text, which dramatically stages the landscape of the Curonian Spit in the eroticised mythical imaginary of clichéd Roman poetry, becomes a score to produce inauthentic, hybrid and unstable experiences of place and time.

The work is conceived in conjunction with Diderot in Petersburg, an operetta loosely based on a novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch presented at Theater Neumarkt, Zurich in early 2024.


Curated by Egija Inzule.